Ghana Real Estate Review

Hey, welcome to, the no.1 real estate  review site in Ghana. Real estate investing has always been very important for us. To buy a house is a noble idea but finding a good property to buy is another thing. On this site we have reviewed some of the best real estate and property companies in Ghana for you. Our aim is to make it easy to find the top and credible property developers here to assist you to make informed decision.

We are interested in using our platform to list companies with solid reputation in the industry. A reputation that is not only based on what the industry regulator says, but also on how the customers view the services they have experienced. Many have had some bad experiences with some real estate companies in Ghana about the quality of their project…but what is even more frustrating is some hidden cost they incur after signing the contract and moved into their properties.

Hopefully, we can help you avoid some of this issues when you are buying or renting a property in Ghana. We will  review some commercial properties in Accra. The contact details of all the companies reviewed are provided. You can contact them for further information.

The real estate market is getting interesting by the day as more and more player come on board. It is difficult for potential buyers to get all the information they need to make the right decisions. A review site such as does is to bring to the fore some of the property developers that can not be found by potential client by a normal google search. We hope this site will be useful to you in your quest to get the best deal in the property market in Ghana.